Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to Sapientia Magazine!

One day, a group of up were talking about the current state of magazines, both on and off line. While each of us had some favorites, we all found ourselves longing for a comprehensive magazine with a larger world view. We mourned magazines such as Vanity Fair and the New Yorker which still have fantastic articles but seem to be a bit out of touch and aren't nearly as clever as they were in the 30s and 40s. still like Esquire to some extent, but that's gotten a bit hoary and laddish. Cosmopolitan used to have world-class writers; now it's a ladymag for Photoshop fans and makeup addicts. We're crazy about blogs like Eater and Ruhlman, adore Apartment Therapy, and think Flyp brings something very special to the table, but feel hey aren't broad enough for our tastes (nor should they be- they're doing great at what they do). The print magazines we all read the most now are Monocle and The Economist, but neither one exactly tickle our funny bones. While all of us have been finding great music on iTunes, we can't find a single blog or magazine that matches up with our diverse tastes. And a couple of us who are non-white are sort of bored with so-called 'urban' writing that presumes an IQ of a retarded three year old and a narrow segment of interests. We won't even talk about the sexism found in most tech blogs.

So, instead of sitting around and grousing, we decided to write the magazine we wanted to see, and to link to the sites we love the most. We're also asking for your help. We need witty writers who want to talk about their loves, dislikes, obsessions, and fantasies. Join us!

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